Six processes for surface treatment of stainless steel
Release Time:2018 12 19
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Six processes for surface treatment of stainless steel

In production, the stainless steel surface technology mainly has the following:

Sandblasting processing

This is the most common stainless steel processing of a surface treatment process, it is mainly through the compression of the air to get the power, high-speed jet beam spray material to the workpiece surface to be processed, so that the workpiece surface shape changes.

Sandblasting is mainly used in engineering and surface technology, such as improving the viscosity of adhesive parts, optimizing machining surface burr, decontamination and surface matte treatment have a great role.This process is much better than the effect of manual polishing, sand blasting treatment of the surface structure is uniform, can create a low-key product, durable characteristics, and high production and processing efficiency.Manual grinding can produce the wool surface but the speed is too slow, chemical solvent cleaning is too smooth cleaning surface is not conducive to coating adhesion.

Chemical treatment

This process USES a combination of chemistry and electrochemistry to treat a layer of stable compounds formed on the surface of stainless steel.For example, the common electroplating in our daily life is a kind of chemical treatment.

Chemical treatment mainly relies on the separate or mixed acidic solution, Yang solution, etc. for rust removal.After that, protective films are formed on the metal surface by chromate treatment, phosphate treatment, anodic oxidation, blackening and other methods.The technique is used to create intricate patterns, create retro or contemporary designs.

Surface shading

The surface coloring process of stainless steel can bring different colors to stainless steel, making the metal more colorful.Coloring not only makes stainless steel more abundant in appearance, but also can effectively improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of products.

Commonly used surface coloring methods are: chemical coloring method, electrochemical oxidation coloring method, ion deposition oxide coloring method, high temperature oxidation coloring method and gas phase cracking coloring method.

Surface wiredrawing

Wire drawing is a common decoration method in daily life.It can be made into straight lines, threads, ripples, random lines and spiral lines.This kind of surface treatment gives a person feel good, burnish is exquisite, wearability is strong wait for a characteristic.It is widely used in electronic equipment, household appliances, mechanical equipment and other aspects.

Mirror surface processing

Mirror treatment of stainless steel, is simply to polish the surface of stainless steel, polishing techniques are divided into physical polishing and chemical polishing.Can also be in the stainless steel surface for local polishing, polishing level is divided into ordinary polishing, ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super fine grinding 10K effect.Mirror gives a person with high-grade contracted, fashionable future feeling.


Stainless steel spraying and the above coloring treatment in essence is very different, due to the different materials, some spray paint may damage the surface of stainless steel oxide layer.But some spraying can use simple process to achieve different colors of stainless steel products, but also can use different spraying change the feel of stainless steel.